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Special Announcement: New Book!

Dear Gilded Weavings readers,

I am excited to present my first book publication! It consists of my first ten short stories, updated and gathered into a collection: Eyes of the Night Sky and Other Stories. Most of the stories are some form of fantasy.

The book is available on Amazon here. At present it is only in paperback form, but the Kindle version should be forthcoming soon.

Thank you for your interest in and support of my work!

God bless you,


Notice: Quasi-Hiatus

Dear readers of Gilded Weavings,

I’ve come to an unfortunate but, I think, necessary decision. During the next couple months, I hope to focus on acquiring some new skills and experience, which will mean that the posts here will, not cease, but be considerably less frequent. I hope to be back at full strength sometime around the New Year. (Note: I am no less available for freelance editing work.)

Meanwhile, to anyone looking for good reading, I highly recommend Nachtstürm Castle, a brand-new novel by rising author Emily Snyder, and would also suggest staying tuned for her Presumption, slated to come out early in December. I’m only just discovering Ms. Snyder’s work—her talent is truly remarkable.

May God bless you all in this loveliest time of the year.

Yours truly,

Sarah Elisabeth Therese

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